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Casing Plunger Systems

Swab-Rite Tool Corp.’s (SRTC) Natural Lift System patented Automatic Casing Plunger – a revolutionary method of capturing downhole pressure to unload liquids in gas wells, with no lift cost.

  • The plunger is designed to sit on bottom, waiting for fluid to build-up.
  • The hydrostatic forces trigger the plunger to close. Minimal bottom-hole pressure is then required to lift the plunger to surface.
  • Once the plunger unloads fluid it strikes the top of your well re-setting itself, falling to bottom and repeating the process.
  • Several types of sealing cups are available to combat most well conditions.
  • Reduce completion costs as no conventional tubing is required.
  • Replace Coiled Tubing/ Siphon Strings if critical velocity is too low.
  • No lifting costs.
  • SRTC patented Mechanical Casing Plunger – is available where customers want to control the plunger at surface. This type of plunger will perform similar to tubing plunger installations.
  • Full Service Solutions are provided from local machining to installation and maintenance.

SR-1 Swab-Rite Casing Plunger

SR 1 Swab-Rite Casing Plunger
Currently for 114mm Casing Centralizers

Pressure activated for ½ bbl of liquid

Easily set to line pressure

Change cups easily

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LB-1 114mm Lubricator

LB 1 114mm Lubricator

Dual flow ports for high gas rates

Easy and reliable tool catch

Heavy duty dual spring in bumper cap for added safety

Internal 4½” casing threads to tie-in wireline connections

½” pressure / injection port

Pressure Rated 2000psi WP

Plunger Lifting Tool

Swab-Rite Plunger Lifting Tool

Easily operated

Safer for Tool Removal

114mm Collar Stop

114mm Collar Stop
Slickline Set

Full bore for cleanouts