Swab-Rite Tool Corp. | Natural Lift Casing Plungers | Harnessing downhole pressure to unload wellbore fluids - our patented technology revitalizes marginal gas fields - realize untapped revenue with no lift cost.

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See animation detailing how the casing
plunger cycles to unload wellbore
fluids – with no lift cost.
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SR 1 Swab-Rite Casing PlungerSR-1 Swab-Rite Casing Plunger

Revolutionary method of capturing downhole pressure to unload liquids in gas wells, with no lift cost.

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LB 1 114mm LubricatorLB-1 114mm Lubricator

Dual flow ports, easy and reliable tool catch, heavy duty spring bumper cap.

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Harnessing Reservoir Energy to Unload Wellbore Fluids

Our patented casing plunger technology revitalizes low producing fields, helping you realize untapped revenue with no lift cost.

Much of the known oil and natural gas reserves in North America have fallen into the mature category, a fate which awaits all worldwide reserves. Many of these marginal oil and natural gas fields are under-producing or even dormant due to inefficient and costly methods of fluid recovery…